Jan 052018

Front Range Community College – Boulder County Campus in Longmont is seeking a part-time adjunct instructor to teach GIS 211 – Spatial Modeling and Analysis, a 3-credit spring semester course running from mid-January until mid-May on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-9:30 pm.

This course is described as: Examine techniques for modeling and analyzing spatial data in a GIS. Topics include defining object models and geodatabases as they are used to access geographic data and build data models, creating new information from existing data through data classification, geoprocessing, presentation, and display and using raster analysis to display and analyze spatial data. in the course catalog.  This course currently teaches ArcGIS Model Builder and Python scripting, as well as reinforcing GIS fundamentals students have already learned.

The ideal candidate would have no less than 6 years of experience in spatial analysis in ArcGIS or similar software, a solid understanding of ArcGIS, experience working with rasters, spatial statistics, ModelBuilder, and a strong background in Python (including ArcPy).  The candidate must have a desire and willingness to teach, and while prior teaching experience (of any type) is preferred, it is not required.

There are existing materials for the course, but the candidate must be willing to modify the materials and make them “their own” during and after their initial semester. An instructor is expected to: maintain lecture and lab materials, deliver content to meet course objectives through lectures and labs, grade assignments and exams, assist students as needed via email or video conference, attend Geospatial Science Department meetings (1-3 a year), and use the online classroom hosted in the LMS Desire2Learn (help is available for learning the online classroom system).

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding this position.

If you are interested, please review our GIS program webpage  or examine the course minimum requirements.

Apply here

(The application is the general GIS instructor application, and has school-established criteria which must be met in addition to the specific criteria outlined here).

The application requires a cover letter and teaching philosophy to be uploaded in addition to the application.  In the cover letter, please note your experience with spatial analysis, ModelBuilder, Python scripting and automation within GIS, and any other relevant GIS software experience.  In your teaching philosophy, include any sort of teaching experience (classroom, industry, volunteer, etc) you have and your experience with a diverse student body.

If you are interested in this position, please apply ASAP with interviews starting January 2nd.

Jennifer Muha
Geospatial Sciences Program Lead
Front Range Community College
Boulder County Campus
40°08’20.9″N 105°07’43.4″W
303.678.3801 – office

(posted 12/27/2017)