Oct 042017

Front Range Community College, Boulder County Campus (Longmont) has a diverse group of students learning and earning certificates in GIS as an add on to their current career skills.  Our students take courses in GIS, GPS, database, cartography, programming, and remote sensing.

Starting last Spring semester, we piloted a new experience – The Geospatial Centroid at FRCC Longmont Campus, or the Centroid South, for short.  The Original Geospatial Centroid is a group of students and professionals at Colorado State University who work together to complete on-campus and community-based GIS projects.  People from the community or other departments on campus come to the Centroid looking for volunteer-based student work.  We, here at Front Range Community College, are excited to again offer this opportunity on our Longmont campus and are in need of project work.

We are meeting for the first time this Friday, October 6, and are hoping to have a few projects ready to go (I know it’s a bit of short notice, but the other lead I had didn’t quite pan out as expected).

If you have a smaller GIS project for our students to do – light coding or model builder, spatial analysis, digitizing, light remote sensing, light GPS data collection, etc, please email me and let’s talk about what you have to offer.  Projects lasting less than one semester would be preferred, or if you have a longer project, you may be assigned a different student come the break.  If you’re thinking ahead to a summer-based project, feel free to contact me about that, too, as several of our students are interested in completing projects over the summer (not that we will assign you someone this week, but I can keep you on the radar).

Please contact me with any other questions or concerns or project ideas!
Thanks so much!!!
Jennifer Muha
GIS Program Lead
Front Range Community College
Boulder County Campus
303.678.3801 – office