Oct 092015

As your Assistant Division Director I have been assigned as National Technical Planning Committee (NTPC)’s main point of contact for the GISD as we plan IGTF 2016. I am also Chair GISD representative to the NTPC’s Scientific-Technical Program Committee.
In essence, I will be representing GISD as we set-up, plan, and organize our Division sessions and relaying information from the NTPC to you.
And I need your assistance!
I am looking for at least three to four members to make up our own NTPC-GISD Team.
The Team’s role would mainly be as reviewers for the GISD Sessions and to decide if the abstracts would be best suited as oral, poster, or rejected.

Please email me directly by Saturday 10/10 if you are interested in being apart of the NTPC-GISD Team. 

  • If interested, include your Subject Matter Expertise, especially as to how it relates to the below Topical Areas (can add to Other” if you have additional Topical Area Ideas).

These Topical Areas are the choices abstract submitters will have to guide their submission to the proper session reviewer. And knowing what your SME is will help me assign you more appropriately with what your interests align.

GISD will not necessarily be reviewing for all these Topical Areas. Your interests can help guide which topics we “take ownership of”.
Thank you for your time and assistance,
Mary Latiolais
GIS Assistant Division Director

Click here to download the form to return to the NTPC (.doc file)


TOPICAL AREAS In this block, click line items of interest for PRESENTATION  abstracts In this block, click line items of interest for POSTER ABSTACTS In this block, click line items of interest for WORKSHOP ABSTRACTS
Building Information Modeling
Citizen Science Efforts
Disaster Management
Emergency Response
Energy and the Environment
I/T Security and Law
Oil and Gas
Physical Security and Law Enforcement
Precision Agriculture include Pasture & Rangeland
Real Estate
Standards, Geospatial:  Apps_ Data_Exchange_Semantics_Quality
Transportation and Utilities
Water Quality and Quantity


Check if your “Topical Area”  addresses or have interest in abstracts or workshops in these Emerging Application Domains Addresses Want to Review Workshop
Internet of Things
 Pervasive Sensors
 Geospatial Big Data
Climate Change
Cyber Security
Free and Open Source
 Homeland Security
 Natural Disasters
 Web based Geospatial education or tools