Sep 212016

Remember that Abstracts for IGTF 2017 are due September 26th! 

Submit Abstracts

  • GIS Division is especially interested in Big Data/Visualization abstracts to fulfill session needs, so please consider submitting your abstract today and encourage colleagues and friends to do the same!
  • You do not need to be a member of ASPRS to submit an abstract.

Many other topics of interest to the GIS Division and the conference as a whole:

Topical Areas
Smart Cities
Geospatial Data Standards
Meta data standards
Natural Resource Management
Big Data Domain Processing Algorithms
Disaster Management
Decision Making Based Data Set Information
Marine and
Aquatic Applications
Water Quality and Water Quantity
Emerging Application Topics
Pervasive Sensors
Climate Change
Web-based open source geospatial
analysis tools
Augmented Reality (computer generated sensory input) in real-world environment
Cyber and Homeland Security concerns for geospatial data
Rapid response systems for disaster management